Brian Ruhe and Apollonian on Buddhist Nazis vs. Satanists

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My fellow Revolution Radio host Briah Ruhe (Tuesdays 6-8 pm) may be the world’s leading Buddhist Nazi UFOlogist. Tonight Brian and I are joined by his frequent guest Apollonian, a provocateur who plagues, I mean, haunts (ahem) the comments section at the Unz Review, offering strong opinions on a variety of subjects. Apo especially dislikes economist Michael Hudson, accuses Ron Unz of a long list of offenses starting with “cognitive infiltration,” and wants to discuss Satanism and its link to the central banking conspiracy.

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One Response to “Brian Ruhe and Apollonian on Buddhist Nazis vs. Satanists”

  1. Recapitulation of Apollonian comments given in Radio Show with Kevin Barrett and Brian Ruhe

    Well, I thank Mr. Barrett for his getting me on the show so I could expound upon the Satanist opponent and rulers, but who haven’t yet consolidated their power over the world and people. I think we should have gone on expositing these Satanists, perhaps to doing more shows on this Satanism for practical effects of satanism.

    Two pt.s should be made regarding this ruling Satanism, (a) that they rule; they’re the real power in this world (as through the central banks and the fiat-currency–see for more expo; use their site search-engine for particular terms), and (b) that the essence of Satanism is very simple–extreme subjectivism, whence reality is created by consciousness (per Immanuel Kant–see Wikipedia for expo), making the subject to be God. And now Jews rule the Satanists as Jews are most COLLECTIVISTIC, most organized, most committed, and most sublimely led.

    The other comment to be made regards Unz, the editor of “The Unz Review” (TUR). And the main pt. to be made is Unz DENIES the basic conspiratorial theories of his ostensive audience, the people, “white nationalists” (WNs) and “neo-nazis” (and/or sympathizers) who make up the readership of Unz’s site and articles posted therein. For Unz says there’s no real conspiracy to speak of as there’s no “globalist” conspiracy, as there’s no problem w. the central bank of issue, like the US Federal Reserve (the “fed”).

    So Unz is just the typical apologist for the leftist-atheists “globalists,” not “alternative media” at all, though Unz does indeed deny the holohoax. Thus Unz merely continues the same old charade played by Jews, “good-Jew vs. bad Jew,” the leftist Jews pretending to oppose the Zionist Jews allied w. Judeo-Christian hereticalists on the fake “right,” pretending to be “conservatives.”

    So Unz thus supports the globalists and actually works for them, the CFR, WEF, Bilderbergers, and Trilateralists, Unz thus spitting in the face of WNs and “neo-nazis,” denying the basic thesis of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which emphasizes the Jew bankers at the top of the conspiracy who control everything else.

    Note Unz also denounces the anti-vaxxers who claim (quite accurately) that the covid-vaxxes are poison and dangerous to people’s health.

    And I must object to Mr. Barrett’s saying my arguments against Unz are merely “ad hominem,” as I offer and give substantial arguments for my condemnation of Unz, Unz’s censorship, Unz’s stage-managing of the comments’ discussion, etc. See my website for my essays detailing my arguments and objections to Unz.



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