Math-Science Polymath & 9/11 Researcher AK Dewdney on 21st Anniversary

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Legendary math-science whiz and 9/11 researcher AK Dewdney (University of Western Ontario) joins Truth Jihad Radio to discuss conspiracy facts and hyptheses on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the September 2001 attacks. He discusses his Project Achilles experiments that proved government and media claims that passengers on hijacked planes successfully placed cell phone calls from high altitude and (in some cases) carried on extensive conversations cannot possibly be true. In 2006, presumably due to Dewdney’s work, the FBI radically changed its story about the 9/11 phone calls. For an introduction to the issue, see this David Ray Griffin interview.

We also discuss other aspects of the ongoing war between truth-seekers and regime propagandists.

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One Response to “Math-Science Polymath & 9/11 Researcher AK Dewdney on 21st Anniversary”

  1. Kerry Voight-Kampf

    Event 201 was a ‘high-level pandemic exercise’ which took place in New York City on October 18th 2019 in New York City. The event was funded by the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What was the hypothetical virus discussed? It was a coronavirus. A few weeks later the world’s media reported that the world was threatened by a deadly coronavirus which necessitated that the people of the world be placed under ‘lockdown’, a term used in prisons when prisoners lose any right to roam and are locked in their cells. US Secretary of State and former head of the CIA Mike Pompeo was caught off-microphone at a Whitehouse press briefing on the pandemic saying that the world had entered ‘a live exercise’. Donald Trump immediately responded, “Well, you should have told us.” The media and health authorities assured us that the presence of the purported virus (which they called Covid-19) could be verified in a human using a device known as the Reverse Transcriptase Polymer Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tool whose inventor Dr Kary Mullis had received the Nobel Prize for its creation. Mullis, however, a vocal critic of Anthony Fauci, explained that the device was a research tool and couldn’t be used to identify any infectious pathogen or diagnose any illness. Mullis died mysteriously at the beginning of the lockdowns. The scientific body advising the British government turned out to be a group of behavioural psychologists under the leadership of Professor Susan Michie who told the government that they needed to ramp up the fear to ensure conformity among the general public (See Laura Dodsworth’s book ‘A State of Fear’). In reality corona viruses are responsible for the common cold and are relatively harmless. The reason the cause of the entirely fabricated plandemic is called coronavirus is because the word corona means ‘crown’ in Latin and the coronavirus is the apparently unlimited reach of the Crown Corporation of the City of London with its network of worldwide Freemasonic lodges, its control of international media and its puppet ‘politicians’ who are merely errand boys and girls of this international criminal syndicate. To state that ‘We Need a COVID Origins Truth Movement’ is to play into the hands of this group of people responsible for the lockdowns, mandated injections (they are not vaccinations), disruption of energy supplies, food production and other essential facets of human life.



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