Biden Freezes Texas

Biden Freezes Texas

 • FEBRUARY 20, 2021


“Freezing Texas should commission a monument: Greta Thunberg and Bill Gates save the Texans from global warming by turning them into icicles. So much for global warming, the reddest herring ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico!

The Texans have got the real New Green Deal, very expensive and uncertain. The deal is “Freeze and pay through your nose!” The green alternative pure cheap and plentiful energy is the stuff the dreams of AOC are made of. It is not likely to work out. Wind and sea are wonderful but hardly a reliable source of energy for heating in sub-zero temperatures.

The destruction of the oil, gas and coal industries (as preached by the Global Warmers) would definitely kill a lot of people, many more than its normal exploitation. The spell of frost in Texas would cause only small discomfort if the local providers weren’t threatened with extinction and unwilling to work on the gas-oil-coal infrastructure. They aren’t likely to invest if warned that this work will soon become obsolete, to be replaced with wind turbines and solar energy. Just compare the poor condition of Texas with that of Russia, where temperatures below -30 Centigrade (-22 F) cause no discomfort to citizens, because the Russians aren’t shy of using gas and oil on top of nuclear power.

If I were a conspiracist, I’d accuse the Biden administration of meddling and intentionally freezing the Trumpist Texans. I’d do it anyway as revenge for them blaming the corona crisis on Trump. Washington definitely didn’t try to force Texan energy suppliers to provide much needed heat for the Republican-dominated state. But Bidenists’ main crime is their declared adherence to the green projects, based on their irrational belief in the Global Warming myth.

The Warmers have dropped the term altogether. Indeed, the term “global warming” didn’t survive the impact of reality. You can’t convince a freezing man it’s too warm or frighten him that it will be warmer. So the Warmers would speak of “climate”. Climate is a playful creature; it plays havoc with weather. For sure. We should forget the very words “global warming”, as if they were never spoken; it’s Climate now…..”

“…I have a simple clear-cut proof that Warmers do not even believe in the nonsense they utter. (Some, like young Greta, do not understand what they say.) They speak of farting cows, but they never mention the biggest farting cow: the US Military, which is bigger than all the armies and fleets of the world put together and has the biggest carbon footprint on earth. Greta and Gates never called for its cutting down to size, let alone dismantling, though in the prism of their logic all Americans should be able to eat juicy steaks and drive gas-guzzlers for a hundred years just by scrapping their Juggernaut.

Their ideas are bonkers. In order to switch to electric cars, we would need to destroy Africa and Latin America, to get the rare earth elements (like lithium) for the batteries. Africans and Latin Americans from devastated lands would be forced to move to Europe and the US, a win-win for tycoons, but lose-lose for the people. The problem is with very rich folk, I wrote in my recent piece. They want to reshape humans, planet Earth, our future. Why? Because they can. Or they think they can…..



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