Bob Cornuke on lost & found Temple Mount, Tom Goodrich on WWII anti-German holocaust _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Bob Cornuke on lost & found Temple Mount, Tom Goodrich on WWII anti-German holocaust

This show broadcasts on March 15, 2015.
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First hour: Christian Zionist Bob Cornuke of Bible Archeology Search and Exploration Institute says the “Temple Mount” in Jerusalem – the site of al-Aqsa mosque, the Islamic world’s oldest and greatest architectural monument – is NOT the site of Solomon’s Temple…so the Zionists can stop desecrating and planning the demolition of the mosque. Quick, somebody call off the Crusade!

Second hour: Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944—1947, argues that the REAL “holocaust” of World War II was not the Nazi killing of 6 million (or was it .6 million) Jews, but the deliberate and militarily useless Allied mass murder of millions German and Japanese civilians by firebombing; the murder of more than a million German POWs who were either slaughtered by the “take no prisoners” Allies or deliberately starved to death; the Morgenthau plan to kill tens of millions of Germans (which was partially implemented, then withdrawn); and the mass rape (often followed by the murder) of millions of German women by Russian and, yes, American soldiers. (That’s why your great-uncle or grandpa would never talk about the war.)

Maybe it’s time to convert Holocaust museums to “Anti-German Holocaust” museums?

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