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ECOSHOCK — Green Reality – Ozzie Zehner

yes renewable energy can work — Last week Ozzie Zehner said renewables like wind and solar are a “green illusion”. Green tech investor Dan Miller answers, along with research from Radio Ecoshock host Alex Smith.

My original goal for this Radio Ecoshock series on alternative energy, was to find the most reasonable critic of green energy, who was not directly a beneficiary of competing energy – that is, a person with academic credentials who is not receiving money or other benefits from the coal, oil, and gas industries. California author and green energy
expert Ozzie Zehner fits that bill.

I ran Ozzie’s speech at Google last week on Radio Ecoshock. If you missed that, download it from our web site at Or listen to it on our Soundcloud page.

Then I hoped to hold a second program where I ask for listener questions, and pose them to Ozzie in an extended interview. Ozzie replied he is willing to come on Radio Ecoshock, but could not appear until next summer, due to a project he is presently working on.

So we can’t hear from Ozzie right now, but I hope we can pick this up again later in the season if needed.

Ozzie applies his years of study, his European experience, and his keen intellect to persuade us alternative energy like wind and solar are not really green. They cannot power our civilization without heavy fossil fuel inputs. They damage the environment, from cutting down trees to toxic bi-products. We should put our focus and money into indirect methods of cutting carbon dioxide by creating a better society. In particular, Ozzie suggest population control, via a fair health care system, could be coupled with conservation, urban
densification, and other energy saving techniques to reduce carbon emissions.

Ozzie makes some statements that raise serious questions. For example, he says increasing the current low amount of solar energy in the United States would bankrupt the American government. I thought the U.S. government was already bankrupt, and not because of solar subsidies.

Going even further with solar to power our world would, Ozzie claims, destroy civilization within a generation.

Later in this program, I’ll check on some of the claims made in Ozzie’s presentation, and suggest other possibilities. Hang in for that.

But first we have a conversation with California clean energy tech guru Dan Miller.

Speakers: Dan Miller, Alex Smith. Dan Miller interview by Alex Smith.
Clips from Authors at Google talk by Ozzie Zehner, 2012. All music by Alex Smith.

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