Greg Johnson: Why I cussed out Bush to his face – and don’t like Ron or Rand much either _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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This show was broadcast on January 5, 2015.
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Greg Johnson: Why I cussed out Bush to his face – and don’t like Ron or Rand much either

When George H.W. Bush ruined Greg Johnson’s day by stepping into a pizza parlor, Greg was ready with his camera – and his tongue: “You murderous Zionist piece of s**t!”

Watch Greg Johnson cuss out George Bush Sr.

Bill O’Reilly demanded Greg’s arrest, and the Secret Service paid a visit.

In this interview, Greg explains why he gave Bush a piece of his mind – and why he is disgusted with the cowardice of Ron and Rand Paul, who know 9/11 was an inside job but refuse to say so in public for fear of damaging their precious political careers.

Check out Greg’s article Rand Paul: Yet Another Soulless Zionist Groveling for the Jewish Vote.

As H.W. Bush said to Sarah McClendon many years ago: “Sarah, if the people were ever to find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” Now, thanks to the internet, the people are finding out.

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