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This show was broadcast on December 7, 2014.
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Merlin Miller & Foster Gamble take on the NWO!

Today’s broadcast features two heavyweight critics of the bankster-driven New World Order.

First hour: Merlin Miller is a US Army veteran who’s tired of seeing our military being sent abroad to kill and die for unjust, un-American causes. And he’s a filmmaker who’s tired of seeing Hollywood wage all-out psychological warfare against family values. Merlin ran for president in 2012 (I voted for him) and recently organized the Gathering of the Eagles, where he said: “Lets talk about our enemy, the traitors within, and the need to expel them from the American State department, the Military and the Homeland Security. They are very good at False Flag events.” I’m sure he’ll have choice words about Ashton Carter, the 9/11 perp nominated for Secretary of Defense!

Second hour: Foster Gamble, founder of the Thrive movement, writes: “Furthering my exploration of what was keeping humanity from thriving, I spent nearly a decade ‘following the money’ in every sector of human endeavor.” And like everyone else who “follows the money” with intelligence, honesty and diligence, Gamble discovered the hidden power structure associated with international banksters and the military-industrial-intelligence complex – the same forces economic hitman John Perkins worked for. Gamble’s conclusions – paralleling those of the whistleblowers behind Veterans Today and former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer – take us all the way to the “black budget world” of top secret free energy devices and reverse-engineered UFOs. If anyone reading this is snickering, please read Nick Cook’s book The Hunt for Zero Point (free pdf here) alongside Richard Dolan’s UFO’s and the National Security State (or the youtube video here).

We will discuss (among other things) Foster’s new video (transcript here) stating that the BRICS countries and the Asian “dragon families” will soon force the bankster cabal to end its phony Federal Reserve Note counterfeiting pyramid scheme, and put the US back on real, gold-backed money.

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