Barrie Zwicker: “Israeli teen kidnapping” was a false flag — on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

This show was broadcast on July 16, 2014.
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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Barrie Zwicker: “Israeli teen kidnapping” was a false flag

Canadian media critic Barrie Zwicker says the mainstream is lying about the ongoing Israeli butchery in Gaza…and that the event that set the whole thing off, the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, was a false flag orchestrated by the Israelis themselves.

The interview also covers a wide range of topics including: The use of symbolism including numeric symbolism in false flag events (9-1-1 for 9/11, “18” in the Israeli teen kidnapping); why we should not use broad terms such as “evil,” “crazy,” etc. ; why so many authoritarian right-wingers are evil – I mean, selfish/shortsighted/stingy/predatory…and much more.

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