Bearcloud and Katherine (Cat) Fenn: Does a Hidden Language Encoded in the Pyramids Hold the Key to Changing the World Paradigm? _on Satyagraha 9/11

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Bearcloud and Katherine (Cat) Fenn: Does a Hidden Language Encoded in the Pyramids Hold the Key to Changing the World Paradigm?

Chief Bearcloud is an author, researcher and master Native American artist. He is the owner of Bearcloud Gallery in Sedona, Arizona as well as founder and overseer of the Chameleon Project Foundation a non-profit organization which is developing a center for global transformation under the auspices of a massive pyramidal greenhouse complex utilizing sacred geometry.

Bearcloud’s book Seven Fires: Secrets From the Stars is an account of his experiences of mystical visions which led to research into the star glyphs of the crop circles of England, the science of fractal mathematics and the discovery of a hidden and universal language encoded in the pyramids which correlate to the age old symbols of his own Native American walk.

Katherine Fenn-also known as Cat
Is a member of the White Eagle Lodge of healers where she developed her psychic skills to aid and guide others on their journey of life and healing process, which led her to Egypt, Europe and the USA on a number of sojourns

She is trained in Egyptology and Archaeology, Health and Social Care, combining her Healing and Spiritual path to help raise awareness, consciousness and stimulate healing through the use of Meditation, Sweat Lodge ceremonies, Vision Quest Healing, and the Medicine Wheel traditions around the globe.

She is an Outdoor Survival and Tracking expert and supports and instructs in outdoor learning with Green School, and supports and takes part in Grove Farm Woodland projects in Wilts and supports many local charities and the Sunshine Orphanage and Ace Animal Hospital in Egypt.

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