FACT! Science of Sound, Founded by Pythagoras, was Suppressed by Nazi’s! _on Satyagraha 9/11

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FACT! Science of Sound, Founded by Pythagoras, was Suppressed by Nazi’s!

An astonishing film entitled Sonic Geometry: the Language of Frequency and Sound, explores the profound implications of Pythagorean mathematics as they relate to the correlating sounds of Pythagorean solids, the building blocks of life itself.

Based on 5000 year old Sumerian calculations used even today for planetary measurement, and born of “sixty based mathematics” and correlating perfectly with Pythagorean solids throughout nature, an octave grid of musical harmonies has been used for thousands of years to tune instruments at a vibration of 432 cycles per second. In other words, for eons – music- the music of the ancients, the music of Indigenous peoples, has been in perfect mathematical harmony with all of creation, with nature, the planet, the planetary cycles, the galaxy, the universe….until….a certain Nazi endeavored to suppress the musical mathematics from being used and for a time, up to now actually….this effort succeeded.

We are only now discovering the profound consciousness raising, healing, soul nourishing and brain wave deepening effect the 432 cycles per second in music, and its correlating Pythagorean numbers, has on human consciousness.

Did the Nazis understand what they were suppressing and why? We think so! And we are going to explore the subject fully, and more, on this edition of Satyagraha 9/11 Radio!
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