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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Nick Kollerstrom on WWI & WWII revisionism, Academic Freedom Conference

Nick Kollerstrom is the author of the best book on 7/7
Are the textbook histories of World War I and World War II riddled with myths, lies, and obfuscations? Did the victors re-write history to serve their interests?

This evening’s guest, Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, thinks so. A History of Science Ph.D. with a specialty in chemistry, Dr. Kollerstrom was summarily fired, with no reason given, from University College of London after he published a scholarly article critiquing the evidence for mass execution cyanide gas chambers in the Nazi camps.

Dr. Nick Kollerstrom will join me, Dr. James Fetzer, and Dr. Winfield Abbe at the University of Illinois on Saturday, April 26th, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the U. of I. Illini Union, Room 314a for a conference entitled:

Academic Freedom: Are There Limits to Inquiry?

Most histories of the two World Wars cast Germany as the evil aggressor and the Allies as heroes. (If the Germans had won, we may assume that those roles in textbook histories would be reversed.)

But what is the truth?

Just as leading American conservative Pat Buchanan calls World War II “The Unnecessary War,” Nick Kollerstrom argues that World War I was also avoidable: “A single sentence and the war in the West would not have taken place.”

The two World Wars of the 20th century killed about 100 million people – more than half of them civilians. The leaders who blundered into these wars – from both sides – merit our revulsion as the worst botchers and butchers in human history. We must tear down the statues, desecrate the idols, and profane the sacred myths peddling the Big Lie that there was anything heroic about these two hideous festivals of mass carnage.

Bottom line: War is a Racket and All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.

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