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This show was broadcast on April 2, 2014.
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Rich McCampbell on New World Order conspiracy

Guest: Rich McCampbell, long time 9/11 truth activist. Rich, a Catholic, has been active in 9/11 truth interfaith dialogue efforts including the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance. His research has led him to believe that 9/11 is one of many crimes by a shadowy group of international-bankster-connected satanists. Rich sent me an email describing the content of our interview:

“Thanks to Perloff, Makow and others, I now see the biggest picture, one where the illuminati, directed by satan, drive the vast majority of injustices and misery foisted on humanity. Over the centuries of their evil-doing the illuminati have always experienced people who figure out the illuminati agenda of a “new world order” (police state and only Satanism as religion). When people figure this out many times they push back and stop their agenda. The US field commanders in the Persian Gulf are a powerful current example of this: they have stopped wwiii for eight years. There are other excellent examples: President Andrew Jackson stopped the federal reserve scam in the mid-1800’s. That stopped their US war-funding scam which limited war prior to the current fed scam. For example, they lied to create the Spanish-American war, but with no fed scam to fund it, they had to create a telephone tax to pay for that war. They don’t like doing that because people learn that they are paying for war (versus the fed which steals people’s money to pay for wars w/o them knowing).

“I now see the potential of every human rights movement, every justice and peace movement, every movement that truly seeks to help humanity, all coming together to fight the one cause of most human suffering: satan and his arms/legs on Earth, the illuminati. Human sinfulness also causes plenty of suffering but the illuminati take that suffering to a order of magnitude more suffering. Exposing the illuminati is equal to stopping the illuminati.”

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