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This show was broadcast on February 15, 2014.
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Live call-ins this evening with Gordon Duff! — Truth Jihad Radio goes live on Revolution Radio!

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Many listeners have told me they miss call-ins to my radio shows. So I’m going back to live radio with call-ins, starting this evening with Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff! He has new articles out about Israeli doubletalk and nuke fantasies, and is always happy to talk about anything: 9/11, UFO secrets, political corruption and assassinations, even geoengineering and weather control (hey, I want to lodge a complaint with the weather bureau!)

During this interview, Gordon suggests the Georgia color revolution is part of a NWO attempt to “destabilize an entire region…and return the entire planet to the Middle Ages”; argues with Kevin about religion; responds to an anti-UFO caller; says the purges of US military nuclear commanders may be related to a Satantic-fundamentalist cult’s infiltration of the armed forces; wonders about the latest bankster suicides; reassures America that the Iranian warships off the US coast are NOT a threat; says the Florida Keys had lousy beaches even before they were drenched with Corexit; and says he hopes the US military and government elite are afraid NOT to read Veterans Today!

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