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This show was broadcast on December 31, 2013.
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New Years Eve special with E. Michael Jones: Are we winning the “culture wars” ?

E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine and author of many books, may be America’s leading Catholic intellectual. In this interview, he suggests that 2013 was the year in which spiritual people from many religious traditions joined forces against the New World Order materialists – picking up where the Polish Catholics and Iranian revolutionaries of 1979 left off. The biggest victory of 2013, he asserts, was heading off war in Syria. An unlikely alliance of the Pope, the British Parliament, Russian President Putin, the Iranian government, and the American people stood up against the Zionist/NWO forces and stopped the US war on Syria in its tracks.

Jones is looking forward to more such victories, and more substantial interfaith cooperation in building a peaceful and spiritual world, in 2014!

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