Did the Saudi’s Finance 9/11? AND the Psychology of Overcoming!_ on Satyagraha 9/11

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Did the Saudi’s Finance 9/11? AND the Psychology of Overcoming!

The upcoming show explores the possible Saudi financing of 9/11. On the cutting edge of reporting this issue is former gubernatorial candidate Diane Sare who ran as a 2013 independent candidate for New Jersey governor against Chris Christy, and last year as an independent for a U.S. Congressional seat. Key to her political platform has been restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the missing 28 pages of the Congressional record on 9/11 – which we will talk about today. She is is a leading member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, a musician, trained at the New England Conservatory, and an activist who has arranged economic policy seminars involving UN diplomats in New York; she also organized a Voting Rights Act case on behalf of Louisiana voters.

We will also discuss the psychology of overcoming a draconian post 9/11 world with Dr. Rick Staggenborg, a 2010 candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010, for the state of Oregon, is a retired military psychiatrist with a background in psychotherapy and an expertise in trauma recovery. He is a radio show host and founder of SFPI – Soldiers for Peace International an organization founded by veterans and active duty service members as well as social justice advocates from around the world. He is also president of Take back America for the People a 501.c3 whose mission is to educate the American public about the dangers of corporate control of our government, media and yes – the military.


The Missing 28 Pages on 9/11:

Soldiers for Peace International:

About the Show Host:
Pamela Senzee is an artist, author, adventurer. In 2012 she crossed the United States by bicycle along with a fellow peace activist. They embarked on this journey on behalf of the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Pamela wrote about her experiences, lessons and insights during this epic adventure in her book Quantum Trek – a post-9/11 journey of transformation available on Amazon.com, other bookstores and at www.satyagraha911.org. You can contact Pamela at satyagraha911.org@gmail.com.

About the show:
Satyagraha 911 Radio is a show which focuses on 9/11 truth and the issues of a post 9/11 world with practical, healing, and spiritual solutions in mind.


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