4 Trillion $$$$ on the 9/11 oil wars while each year some 45 million Americans live in poverty? Help stop the madness!_ on Satyagraha 9/11

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Noelani Musicaro

4 Trillion $$$$ on the 9/11 oil wars while each year some 45 million Americans live in poverty? Help stop the madness!

Guest: Noelani Musicaro
I recently met Noelani Musicaro in New Jersey as we worked side by side toward a new investigation into 9/11 based on New Jersey jurisdiction. She is well versed in the issues of our nation, and the global issues of a post 9/11 world. In 2009 she ran as Lt. Governor alongside New Jersey 9/11 Aware founder and criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle (our pilot show – in the archives) who ran for Governor on an independent ticket against Chris Christie. Their platform helped raise awareness about numerous vital issues including the need for a new 9/11 investigation and the need to address the profound issues of hunger in America.

Noelani Musicaro is CEO, Creative Director and Founder/Owner, of Figlie di Fortuna –www.Figlie Di Fortuna.com and www.TheKindnessConversations.org.

She has also written or co-authored a series of books, on the subjects of kindeness and hunger, available on Amazon Books
Figlie di Fortuna’s (www.figliedifortuna.com) mission is to create good products that help feed hungry Americans. Just think – you can do all of your holiday shopping on her site, or with the purchase of Noelani’s inspirational books AND help feed a hungry person at the same time!
“Kindness is to shine a light where there is darkness and to take responsibility for shining that light.” Noelani Musicaro

About the Show Host:
Pamela Senzee is an artist, author, adventurer. In 2012 she crossed the United States by bicycle along with a fellow peace activist. They embarked on this journey on behalf of the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Pamela wrote about her experiences, lessons and insights during this epic adventure in her book Quantum Trek – a post-9/11 journey of transformation available on Amazon.com, other bookstores and at www.satyagraha911.org. You can contact Pamela at satyagraha911.org@gmail.com.

About the show:
Satyagraha 911 Radio is a show which focuses on 9/11 truth and the issues of a post 9/11 world with practical, healing, and spiritual solutions in mind.


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