Alison Weir thanks Abe Foxman for “Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups” award_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Alison Weir thanks Abe Foxman for “Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups” award

Alison Weir
Guest: Alison Weir, If Americans Knew, is proud to have made the ADL’s top-ten list of anti-Israel groups. See her letter below.

Alison Weir is in the forefront of those setting the record straight on the Palestinian-Zionist conflict. Several of her articles have been included in anthologies, and she has given briefings on Capitol Hill, presentations at the Asia Media Summit in Kuala Lumpur and at the Jerusalem Media Center Conference in the West Bank, and lectures at Harvard Law School, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the Naval Postgraduate Institute, Georgetown, and numerous other campuses.

Email from Alison Weir:

Dear Friends,

We at If Americans Knew are honored to be again on the ADL’s list of groups that are effectively opposing Israeli atrocities. The ADL calls its list the “Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups,” but in fact it lists pro-truth, pro-justice groups effective enough to garner the attention of the formidable (and well-funded) extreme pro-Israel attack machine. Britain’s Redress Information and Analysis probably put it best: “It’s one of the highest accolades truth-telling fighters against racism and bigotry could hope for.”

We’re glad to know the multimillion-dollar ADL considers us that effective. In fact, the ADL even features our billboard on its website !

The ADL, or “Anti-Defamation League,” claims its mission is “to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” However, in reality, the ADL has a record of supporting Israel’s most egregious human rights violations and extremist leaders and of attacking anyone who speaks up on behalf of Palestinian rights. It joined the bigots who opposed the building of a New York Muslim Community Center and has a history of illegal spying against American citizens.

Congratulations to our fellow Top Ten groups, and to all of you for standing up to power in favor of truth and justice. (As you know, criticism of Israel does not constitute anti-Semitism. While our organization is focused on Israel-Palestine, we oppose injustice and discrimination wherever it is found and whoever the perpetrator. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for the ADL.)

By the way, the ADL report shows that our budget is the smallest of all the Top Ten groups, even though our output is large, thanks to our hard-working and committed team. Please donate so that we can do still more, and also get a bit more help!

Best Regards,

Alison Weir
Executive Director, If Americans Knew

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