Project Censored’s Nolan Higdon defends his critique of Alex Jones_on The Kevin Barrett Show

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Project Censored’s Nolan Higdon defends his critique of Alex Jones

Project Censored
Guest: Nolan Higdon of Project Censored, who slammed Alex Jones in his recent article:

Disinfo Wars: Alex Jones’ War on Your Mind
Alex Jones
James Tracy, the professor at (censored) University who has been battling the forces of censorship at (censored) University, thought Higdon’s attack on Jones was out of line, and responded:

With “Disinfo Wars” Project Censored Abandons Principles

Professor Tracy later graciously published Higdon’s rejoinder:

“Disinfo Wars” Author Responds

As for me, I mostly agree with James Tracy’s position, so I appreciate Nolan Higdon’s willingness to come on my show and exchange views.

My own critique of Alex Jones, who I mostly admire, has gotten a lot of reads:

Is Alex Jones a Complete Idiot?

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