Barbara Honegger on getting 9/11 justice, Elizabeth Woodworth on NSA (?) “jamming the internet”_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

This show was broadcast on October 12, 2013.
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Barbara Honegger

“Kevin Barrett’s TRUTH JIHAD RADIO”
Barbara Honegger on getting 9/11 justice, Elizabeth Woodworth on NSA (?) “jamming the internet”

First half-hour: Esteemed 9/11 activist-researcher Barbara Honegger says the US has been taken over by neo-Nazis; 9/11 was the American Reichstag Fire; but the new White Rose resistance can win…by finding the right legal venue, international or domestic, and busting the criminals. She reveals the existence of a new group focused on getting 9/11 justice, and argues that the truth movement has been making rapid progress in the weeks since last month’s 12th anniversary of the world’s biggest-ever false-flag atrocity.
Elizabeth Woodworth
Second half-hour: Elizabeth Woodworth is the author of a new article that needs to go viral:

Search Engine Manipulation. Google and YouTube Suppress Controversial 9/11 Truth?

It seems that the bad guys are sabotaging 9/11 truth videos when they start to go viral – as happened last month to the terrific Russia Today Truth Seeker episode “Operation Gladio and 9/11” in which I appeared. Even worse, they are somehow interfering with people’s attempts to email this video link to their friends! Emails containing the url for the “Operation Gladio and 9/11” video have been falling off the face of the cybersphere.

Elizabeth, a library sciences information professional, says our best response is to make sure that both the original video AND her story about its Orwellian suppression go viral!

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