Blair Gadsby and John McCain’s Plea of Ignorance_on 9/11 Free Fall

This show was broadcast April 18, 2013.
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9/11 Free Fall with Bernie and Andy

Blair Gadsby and John McCain’s Plea of Ignorance

In the aftermath of Senator McCain’s plea of ignorance on C-SPAN to Andy Steele’s question about the free fall acceleration of Building 7, Andy is joined by Blair Gadsby.

In 2008 Blair Gadsby– a religious history professor and constituent of McCain’s– held a hunger strike for 17 days at McCain’s Phoenix office after failing to obtain a personal meeting with the Senator to discuss his concerns about the 9/11 crime. A member of McCain’s staff finally met with Gadsby and other 9/11 activists after nine days into Gadsby’s hunger strike, and the staff member was given materials that laid out the evidence of the Twin Towers and Building 7’s controlled demolition on 9/11.

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall he talks about the hunger strike, and gives his reaction to McCain’s answer on C-SPAN.

Blair Gadsby

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