Adrian Salbuchi on the New World Order’s hostile takeover of planet earth_on The Kevin Barrett Show

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EXCLUSIVE –Tuesday on KB Show:
Adrian Salbuchi on the New World Order’s hostile takeover of planet earth

Guest: Argentine researcher-author-journalist Adrian Salbuchi. In the aftermath of this year’s Bilderberg conference, more and more people are asking: Who are these Bilderbergers? What do they want?

Adrian Salbuchi says Bilderberg is a key node in the nexus of ultra-wealthy globalists plotting a hostile takeover of planet earth – a single world government that would crush all national, local, and individual sovereignty. Salbuchi says that this multi-generational project requires the destruction of the middle class and the sovereign nation that once led the empowerment of the middle class: the late, lamented US of A, whose economy, democracy, constitution, and future were taken down in controlled demolitions by the 9/11 perps.

Adrian suggests that the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is itself a false-flag: While pretending that the aim of 9/11 was another century of American global dominance, the real agenda was to destroy the USA – the single biggest roadblock in the globalists’ path toward an Orwellian one-world government run by the world’s wealthiest families and their hired guns.

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