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This show was broadcast December 23, 2011.
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ECOSHOCK — Getting off the Grid — Home power without fossil fuels

Get energy independence (and help the climate too!) Two interviews with off-grid authors who have walked the walk, living outside the power grid, with a minimum of fossil fuels. Where to start with solar, heat pumps, hot water heat, wind or wood. Cam Mather from, living in comfort – off grid 14 years. From the UK, Nick Rosen author of “Off the Grid” at Plus short clips from latest Noam Chomsky and Bill McKibben on climate crisis.

In this show, you will learn how to slash your carbon emissions, while gaining energy independence – hearing from people who do it now.

As climate, peak oil, and economy crash into a perfect storm, get ready to keep going, get off fossil fuels, and get off the grid.

Cam Mather is the publisher of “The Renewable Energy Handbook” He also sells organic produce from his rural home, living with his family – off the electricity grid for 14 years. Mather describes the tech leading to a comfortable home off-grid, with ultra-low fossil fuel use.

Most of us won’t be leaving the city any time soon. Let’s see what energy solutions we can use right now. We go to the UK, for our second interview with Nick Rosen, the author of “How To Live Off Grid” now updated with a new American version.

More people are going off-grid because:
* they want energy independence
* fear of higher energy bills future
* desire to reduce their carbon footprint to help save the climate
* distrust of the system
* weariness of consumerism
* they see Peak Oil coming
* a Libertarian frame of mind

Full of resources and tools anyone can apply. If the government can’t/won’t act on climate change or peak oil, we can.

Ends with two short new clips from Noam Chomsky and Bill McKibben about the climate crisis.
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