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Pearl Harbor / 911Kevin Barrett

“THE KEVIN BARRETT SHOW” Special 2 Hour Show

First Hour: Thomas Kimmel has taken up the fight to clear the name of his grandfather, Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel.

2nd Hour: Webster Tarpley takes exception and defends FDR.

First Hour: Thomas Kimmel has taken up the fight to clear the name of his grandfather, Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel, Commander-in-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. Admiral Kimmel, along with Gen. Walter Short, were set up as Pearl Harbor scapegoats by the murderous traitors – including President FD Roosevelt and ONI Lt. Commander Arthur McCollum – who orchestrated the Pearl Harbor butchery. In fact, Kimmel and Short were heroes. They were known as men of integrity, and were therefore left out of the loop of traitors who were scheming to sacrifice American lives in order to drag the American people into a war they wanted no part of.

The truth is fully-documented in Robert Stinnett’s Day of Deceit: McCollum and FDR implemented an eight-point plan to force the Japanese to attack, closely monitored Japanese preparations for the “surprise” attack on Pearl harbor, knew exactly when and where the attack was coming, and intentionally placed thousands of defenseless sailors in harm’s way. The Pearl Harbor massacre was a classic war-trigger event designed to enrage U.S. public opinion – which was running 85% against US entry into WWII – and allow Roosevelt to bring America into the global mass slaughter of more than 60 million innocent people. A viler act of treason and homicide could hardly be imagined.

And yet it not only was imagined – it was implemented. Pearl Harbor high treason set a precedent for the even more treasonous Zionist neocons, who arranged the 9/11 inside job as a “New Pearl Harbor” designed to launch a permanent US war on Islam for Israel. (For some brand-new details about how it was done, check out Gordon Duff’s interview with an insider.)


2nd Hour: Webster Tarpley takes exception and defends FDR. “Adm. Kimmel was not the main villain – he was just a garden variety peacetime bungler. He could have sent out a screen of destroyers 500 miles from Hawaii, or light cruisers with scout planes, or just trawlers of the type that warned the Japanese of Doolittle’s raid just a few months later. He had PBY Catalinas, light bombers, and much more – but he refused to set up a screen 500 miles out to provide early warning. The villain was Churchill who withheld the decrypts of the Japanese naval code to maximize US losses. Plus Stimson, Marshall, and Adm Richmond K. Turner – the rogue network of pro-fascist Pentagon types.”

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This 2010 encore show was broadcast on December 5, 2019.


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