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This show was broadcast October 12, 2010.
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Kevin Barrett

‘Muslim Veterans for 9/11 Truth’ founder Mark Perkins

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Guest: Muslim Veterans for 9/11 Truth founder Mark Perkins. Mark Perkins, a Marine Corps Sergeant, served in Gulf War I. Today, he – like so many other current and retired members of the US Armed Forces – has awakened to the ugly reality of 9/11 and the Zionist-instigated war on Islam…and is determined to do something about it. To that end, he has founded Muslim Veterans for 9/11 Truth – the name alone would bring a tidal wave of media coverage if we still had a free press.

Stop for a moment and think how you’d feel if you were an American Muslim who had honorably served in the US armed forces…and then along comes the 9/11 inside job with its blood libel against Islam, and its genocidal murder of more than a million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And speaking of Marine Corps Muslims for 9/11 Truth, check out Muhammad Abdullah, whose 9/11 truth activism made him the target of a politically-motivated DHS raid.

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