Jeremy Rothe-Kushel challenges my “anti-liberal” stance

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I have somehow managed to annoy free speech hero Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, who writes:

“While I still feel kismet with you as a human, and maybe because of that, in terms of the responsibilities of what I had felt we both held as colleagues towards truthful public speech, this seems like beyond disagreement to me, and my duty to oppose what I see as your reactionary idolatry and consequent core political abandonment of the path of the truth jihadi as flinging the words of truth in the face of tyrants even if uncomfortable to internal intellectual inertia and pressures, both conscious and unconscious, of ones sociopolitical milieu.

“But in terms of areas of ‘disagreement,’ we could go over:“1. Macro: My current recognition that you seem to be primarily dedicated to a democracy, modernity & ‘liberal west’-antagonistic ideology of reactionary Traditionalism, rather than a dedication to truth & justice first & foremost, flinging truth in the face of tyrants both human and epistemological/moral. Or, that your role as a truth jihadi seems to be primarily in service of a reactionary Traditionalist Spiritualist ideology, which seems like a false political idol to me, and definitely allies you with and puts you in service of the Bannons and Dugins. And if your reactionary ideology conflicts with the pursuit of discerning & speaking the truth, the reactionary ideology seems to win out. All kinds of apparent sins & entangling alliances against the path of the truth jihadi seem to directly follow from this.

“2. Issues: A) Russia, War on Terror false flags, NATO-US, Ukraine, how it’s related to the 11/9 USCNP-Trump-Putin-Bibi-MBS-MBZ and allying with, platforming & servicing deceptions & coverup thereof

B) COVID & ‘response’ weaponization, allying with, platforming & servicing deceptions, confusions & coverup thereofC) Ongoing wake of the 11/9 operation to January 6th & beyond, allying with, platforming & servicing deceptions & coverup thereof”

I think that means Jeremy thinks I’m:  *too sympathetic to Russia’s position in the Ukraine war, *insufficiently hostile to Trump and the January 6 protestors, and *too strongly opposed to masking-distancing-lockdowns (?)

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One Response to “Jeremy Rothe-Kushel challenges my “anti-liberal” stance”

  1. Marty T

    The basis for the claim that the FSB bears responsibility for the Moscow Apartment bombings is bogus. Russia in the 1990s suffered from some serious, western intelligence supported Wahabi extremist activity coming out of Chechnya, and public sentiment negated any need for a false flag in order to make military operations against this threat possible (from a public support point of view). The erroneous false flag allegation seems to be just another projection/planted propaganda claim of our own intelligence services and paroted by our own media, including alt media. It’s time to correct the record, Kevin! As for Jeremy, he’s too bloody entrenched in his Russophobia to recognize the evidentiary failings of his Russia/Putin bashing. Sad to say, he doesn’t know “shit from shinola”, to quote the great Andrei Martyanov, when it comes to Russian history or current events in the Slavic realm.



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