Here’s How To Use the HALT Method To Figure Out Why You’re So Grumpy

Well + Good – By Isadora Baum – April 04, 2022

When you’re feeling worked up, it’s always better to take a pause in order to figure out what your body needs before you say or do something you’ll regret. (You’re never too old for a nap or a snack—and that may be just what your body needs.) To do this efficiently, therapists often recommend the HALT method as an excellent way to tame emotions and create calmness by addressing basic human needs in order to prevent taking out your frustrations on someone else.

What Is the HALT Method?

HALT stands for: Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

The HALT method is based around the premise that you’re more likely to make poor, highly emotional decisions when hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. “The purpose is to help us identify these experiences when we are tempted to engage in a negative behavior and to instead address the underlying issue,” says Kassondra Glenn, LMSW, a social worker and addiction specialist at Diamond Rehab.

“HALT comes from the recovery community, however it can be applied to many scenarios beyond addiction. At its core, it is a mindfulness technique that promotes greater emotion regulation by building awareness around the root of urges,” says Glenn.

The HALT method addresses how states of being and human needs might be linked to making hasty decisions—with words, actions, and thoughts. People are less likely to think clearly or practically when in distress.

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