9/11CON – The Pentagon – Saturday March 19 | 4 Researchers – 4 Theories

Co-produce the film “9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom” with the Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry!

9/11CON – The Pentagon – Saturday March 19 | 4 Researchers – 4 Theories

A Live-Streamed Online Event for the Entire 9/11 Truth Movement & Beyond- Share Far & Wide!!    


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What Really Happened at the Pentagon??

Find Out: Saturday March 19 – 10AM to 10PM Pacific

The Pentagon attack, and resulting disinformation from our government and media, has fostered a plethora of speculation and theories with consequent confusion and frustration in the 9/11 Truth Movement for the last 20 years.

“No plane hit the Pentagon!”

“A plane hit the Pentagon!”

“A plane flew over the Pentagon!”

“A missile hit the Pentagon!”

“Pre-placed explosives racked the Pentagon!”

“It was a combination of the above!”

We’ve brought together prominent experts in ONE PLACE at ONE TIME – and we are bringing them to YOU!

These presenters are bringing to your living room, office, or car their evidence and conclusions which they have been working hard on for over a decade.

The Schedule – a Sneak Peak

Theory A: Multiple explosions from pre-placed explosives, not due to a plane impact, and a plane, not Flight 77, destroyed at/near the Helipad

Barbara Honegger – 9/11 Researcher, Author, Documentarian and Activist

Theory B: A Missile Struck the Pentagon

Thierry Meyssan – Author: Pentagate (2002); 9/11 The Big Lie (2002)

Theory C: No 757 Hit the Pentagon on 9/11

Craig Mckee / Adam Ruff – 9/11 Researchers

Theory D: A plane with the dimensions of a Boeing 757 impacted the Pentagon

David Chandler / Wayne Coste 9/11 Researchers

For those that show evidence or cite witnesses of a plane, which path did it take? The blue path per the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and light pole damage? Or the red/orange path per the witnesses interviewed by the Citizens Investigation Team (CIT)? It really does matter! Listen to each Presenter carefully and develop your own informed opinion!

Your hosts are Richard and Gail of RichardGage911

We are going to get to the facts and the evidence!

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What caused the “punch-out hole” that is still smoking in this early photo? The Presenters have very different findings on this issue!

9/11CON Re-builds 9/11 Community

  • 9/11CON is a safe place to exchange ideas & scientific evidence
  • Hundreds of us are here – not just to listen hard and take notes and learn something outside of our confirmation bias, but to connect with each other!

9/11CON is a Benefit for our new 9/11 Truth Film Series

And YOU will have the opportunity to Co-produce this critical work that brings alive the 60 exhibits of the Petition for a Grand Jury investigation from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry – straight to the Grand Jurors themselves – as well as the public.

And what happened inside the Pentagon? What will our presenters tell us about the directional damage to these columns?!

Here’s what you get at 9/11 CON!

  • Watch the visually dynamic presentations
  • Learn the latest evidence from the Pentagon experts
  • Grow outside your own confirmation bias
  • Expand your 9/11 Truth awareness and critical thinking skills
  • Acquire new information and develop an informed opinion
  • Cast your vote for the most powerful evidence
  • Engage with other attendees and exchange ideas
  • Make new friends and fellowship in the 9/11 Truth community
  • Get properly equipped to be an effective 9/11 Truth activist

How do I sign-up for 9/11CON?


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Then, get the word out!

Link to https://911CON.org

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We’ll see you there!

Richard & Gail Gage


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