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Pro-military Chinese movie irks NYT

Last year, Chinese producers released “The Battle at Lake Changjin,” a big-budget war movie celebrating a 1950 Chinese victory against US forces in the Korean War. A New York Times article criticized the movie as a militaristic intervention by Chinese authorities into popular entertainment. Writing for, Robin Andersen suggested, “pot, meet kettle.” She joins the Project Censored Show to explore the close ties between the Pentagon and Hollywood. Later in the show, Andersen addresses the danger of applying corporate media “both-sides-ism” to situations such as to GOP support for the Capitol Riot. In the second half of the show, media scholars Nicholas Baham and Nolan Higdon speak about their forthcoming book, “The Podcaster’s Dilemma,” and how corporate media might attempt to co-opt the new medium.
Featured speakers: Robin Andersen, Nicholas Baham III, Nolan Higdon

Robin Andersen is professor emerita at Fordham University; she also writes for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (, and compiled the “news abuse” chapter in Project Censored’s latest book. Nicholas Baham III and Nolan Higdon both teach at California State University, East Bay, and have made multiple appearances as guests on the the Project Censored Show. Their new book is both a scholarly analysis of the fast-growing podcasting sector, and an examination of podcasting’s potential as a force of decolonization. It is published by Wiley.

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