What Can a CDI Explosives Loader Teach Us About the Collapse of WTC 7?_ on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!


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What Can a CDI Explosives Loader Teach Us About the Collapse of WTC 7?

My Guest on RichardGage911:Unleashed! – Tom Sullivan!

He loaded explosives into buildings for years, in order to destroy them! What does he know about the destruction of WTC towers? What do his professional photographs tell us about the secrets of the trade?
What is he free to say? What will he not say about CDI? Who is Controlled Demolition, Inc. anyway? What do they know about 9/11?
My Guest is Tom Sullivan—a three-year Explosives Loader at Controlled Demolition Inc. They are the top-rated explosives demolition firm in the world. It is run by the Loizeaux family. Tom worked for them during the years surrounding 9/11! Tom was responsible for placing explosives in many buildings (these were empty) to prepare them for demolition.
Tom Sullivan
He was licensed by the New York Fire Dept. to handle explosives. He worked on major projects for CDI such as the Seattle King Dome, the Three Rivers Stadium, the Philadelphia naval Hospital, the Key Span gas holder tanks in New York, and many others.

Tom’s handiwork, which includes many of his professional photographs, can be seen in the book “DEMOLITION”, published by Black Dog.

We will ask Tom what he thinks about the “collapse” of the World Trade Center Building 7! Was it due to normal office fires per the official narrative? Or something else?

Tom Sullivan
So… roll up your sleeves and join Tom for this “boots on the ground” perspective from a real Explosives Loader! Put on some Carhart’s and your hard hat as he takes us through the preps of a building to be imploded. You will walk away understanding what it really takes to bring down a tall structure!
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2 Responses to “What Can a CDI Explosives Loader Teach Us About the Collapse of WTC 7?_ on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!”

  1. In response to the comment above,

    There was a “fibre-optic” cable upgrade taking place in the Towers from mid-2000 up to 9/11. Scott Creighton believes this is when Primaline 85 det cord w/PETN core was installed (visually looks similar to CAT-5 fibre-optic). The cover was that it was for the new electronic-security layout which was being installed by Stratesec for the WTC.

    There was no “powder” that was “blown” into the ducts. Think about it. Electric cabling ducts…require cable. The explosives that were installed thru the cabling ducts were /not/ “thermite powder” (which doesn’t exist) or ammonium nitrate…it was PETN, in the form of primer cord, specifically Primaline 85 cord, which Sullivan is familiar with.

    RDX cutter and kicker charges could’ve been installed thru the “elevator upgrade” (ACE Elevator – won first-bid contract over Otis Elevators and was a CIA front/activity) which gave workers access to the core columns.

    The rest of your comment is intriguing and I think it’s compelling. The fire alarm control panels acting as a conduit for detonation commands is possible. I’d understand why the conspirators might not want to risk traditional RF-detonation methods if they even suspected that the large steel columns might disrupt the frequencies getting through (Faraday cage, etc.)

  2. Alberta Vince

    Here are some things you might like to consider …

    The twin towers had all electrical services running through the floor slabs in matrixed ducts. This means that they could move any walls on the floors without needing to consider electrical and telephone lines etc. There were no lines in the walls. They’d simply measured out (from blueprints) where the duct junctions occurred inside the floors and sawed holes down with rotary hole cutters … and then ran lines from the hole sites to the electrical rooms. In this way they could locate electrical outlets and phone lines within several feet of any desired location on any floor.

    This would have been very convenient for blowing explosive dust into the duct work from the electrical rooms at night when no one was around to observe … right?

    The “thing” with nitrogen-based explosives (like ammonium nitrate for instance) is that they have a fairly low “decomposition” temperature but are generally safe from explosion during a fire because when they begin to decompose (into gases from which they were made) … the expansion is so vast that the process COOLS the ignition immediately. Keep in mind that compression ‘creates’ heat (like a diesel engine) whereas decompression brings on cooling (like an air conditioner).

    So, when fertilizer or anhydrous ammonia (NH3) start to burn, the flame is quickly snuffed from rapid expansion and cooling… but if the fire is CONTAINED in a chamber (like an engine cylinder for example) … the compression will preserve the heat and the engine can run on NH3.

    Likewise, if fertilizer is contained in a chamber so that compression heats the entire mass … the temperature of decomposition will be reached equally by every molecule of fertilizer at once resulting in a devastating instant “all at once” expansion (explosion) of solid material into gases about 1000 times the size of the solid.

    Ok, so then … if the floor service duct work on every floor had been blown full of an explosive powder and then “capped” at the electrical room end with detonators … the resulting compression of setting off the detonators could have blown the entire charge in each floor in a single instant … disintigrating the concrete into powder and also blowing out the external walls (since they were BOLTED together and not welded into contiguous columns).

    The central core columns were constructed differently; they were all welded in continual tubes, from bottom to top. To get at THESE columns without being noticed, workmen could have used the hat truss section of the buildings (3 locked off floors at the very top, holding these massive structures which bound the external and internal columns tightly together to prevent expansion differences) … to drop thermite or cutting charges etc. down INSIDE of the columns. Remember that the columns were melted out from the INSIDE in various examples, with holes burned right through them.

    Of course there would have been other preparations done as well with access being inside of the elevator shafts perhaps but I think the scenario presented here would have allowed the “mining” of the buildings without everyday traffic noticing anything out of the ordinary going on. (Some tenants reportedly complained about a lot of DUST being on furninture in the weeks before 9/11 … and this could have come out of the floor receptacles!)

    And then there’s the matter of “wiring” the explosives vs. remote control …

    On 9/11 none of the fire control panels in any of the 3 buildings worked correctly for “some reason”. This was also the dawn of internet communication with several of the fire control systems having been “upgraded” after the 1993 trade center bombing.

    I posit that the fire control systems of each building were utilized to carry internet instructions from a nearby building to the trade center to blow the floors consecutively down in each of the towers and set off all explosives in the correct sequence … likely run by a custom-created computer program.

    Using radio control would have been too risky because of all the surrounding iron columns in the towers blocking reception … but with a network connection, everything could have been wired right inside of the electrical rooms without raising any suspicion whatsoever. Just wires going to “sensors” … right? The incoming line itself could have been a simple telephone wire … since that’s what is now used for high speed internet.

    Basically, this is how I believe the towers were mined with explosives without anyone seeing anything out of the ordinary going on.



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