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Military Explosives Expert Demolishes NIST WTC Collapse Theory—Mark Lillie

My Guest: Mark Lillie: Propellants, Explosives, & Pyrotechnics Engineer

How does an explosives expert look at the collapse of 3 skyscrapers on 9/11?

What does he see – that we don’t?

What does the evidence reveal to him?

What really is an explosive vs. a propellant vs. pyrotechnics vs. an incendiary?

How and where are they used?

My guest is Mark Lillie, an engineer of explosives, and the like, for more than 30 years.

He has designed devices in high-profile programs such as the MX, Peacekeeper, and Trident 5 ballistic missiles – as well as the Space Shuttle solid fuel rocket booster. He has invented novel commercial blasting agents and has set off millions of pounds of explosives – performing everything from small scale test shots to million-pound mine production shots. So don’t piss him off during the Q&A!

Mark holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University where he also performed graduate level research. He specialized in the development and manufacture of propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics, and explosive devices, with DOD contracts – for decades.

He worked at Takata as an Engineering Manager. It was in this capacity that he challenged the introduction of Takata’s Ammonium Nitrate-based airbag inflator propellants as being unsafe and became a whistleblower.

He returned to DOD contracting for the final phase of his explosive career, managing a large-scale demilitarization program at Ft. Wingate Army Depot.

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2 Responses to “Military Explosives Expert Demolishes NIST WTC Collapse Theory_on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!”

  1. renevers

    This video i8nterview leads away from the real explosives that were used: micro nukes. The amount of energy produced in the final collapse was orders of magnitude bigger than what jetfuel and other burnable stof in the buildings could provide. The initial explosions that were used to give the impression of an airplane colission were used as decoy for the video production that was needed for the plane theory, were conventional. The 60 thousand degrees C in the plasma rays were enough to melt or vaporize the inside of the building and all beams for support. So in a few seconds after the nuke blast thecentral support column did not exist anymore. A lot of evidence for the nukes come from the molten roch under the building, as the nukes were placed underground. Working with nukes and pyrotechnics for the decoy made the project organizable. Conventional explosives would have needed too much transport (hundreths of trucks) to the explosion site. Virtually all indicators for a nuclear blast were present: isotopes form by nuclear processes, initial shocks like in an earthquake, neutron flashes, a huge amount of energy released, pyroclasitic clouds. There is ample proof that the whole world was watching constructed and video manipulated film and foto material. For more info on the nukes go to the “veterans today” website. There is NO real proof that there were actual planes. Movie making technology was used to give this impression. The arabs shown in the pictures were patsies , as without planes there would be no need for real sky-hijackers. They needed the patsies to convince the American population to go to war against arab countries. The people of the USA do not understand and will stil not accept that their government used nukes against American civilians. It is large scale cognitive dissociation. All info on mass media TV or paper is there to give just a single explination and is 100% propaganda by militarist leaders for their cause, the coverup. Forget this video, there was no thermite necessary. in total just about 1 ton of micronukes is enough. This video could be an organized red herring to lead us away from a terrible conclusion: we were nuked on 9-11 by people paid by the taxpayer and have completely taken over the power structures of a former democratic republic and dealing in cheap global war imperialism.

  2. Warren Johan Raftshol

    Where is Dr. Judy Wood? She filed a Qui Tam case against Nist, for chrissake!



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