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Lobbyist-Developer-Newspaper-Owner / Hidden Advertising

Should a political lobbyist and real estate investor also be the owner of a newspaper? Northern California’s Sonoma County provides a case study; lobbyist/investor Darius Anderson is also a principal owner of the county’s primary daily newspaper, and most of its other print media too.

Today’s guests (investigative reporters Will Carruthers and Peter Byrne) examine some of Anderson’s ethically-questionable activities, and why the people of the area are likely to be kept uninformed.

Then Peter Byrne stays for the second half of the program, and explains the now-widespread practice of “native advertising:” advertisements in the format of news stories, sometimes written by the newspaper’s own reporters, thus pulling down the traditional ‘firewall’ between the editorial and business sides of journalism.

Will Carruthers is a staff reporter for the North Bay Bohemian and Pacific Sun weekly newspapers, serving Northern California’s Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties.
He has two recent articles on Darius Anderson’s dealings involving a local rail agency; they can be read at www.bohemian.com
Peter Byrne is an investigative journalist who has written on a wide array of topics, from science and medicine to public finance. Byrne’s work can be found at www.PeterByrne.info

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