Blockchain Keys Unlock a Murky Metaverse– on Guns & Butter

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Blockchain Keys Unlock a Murky Metaverse
— Alison McDowell

What You Don’t Know About Digital Twins Could Hurt You In depth discussion of blockchain – what it is, how it’s constructed, how it’s used; blockchain the building block of the virtual metaverse; what does it mean to blockchain someone; digital currencies programmable and controllable; augmented reality and cognition; wearable technology; youth being changed to process information differently; executive function; nano electronics; AI learning to be human; unique identifier; virtual twin; mechanical consciousness.

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Produced, edited and mixed by Bonnie Faulkner, Yarrow Mahko and Tony Rango.

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One Response to “Blockchain Keys Unlock a Murky Metaverse– on Guns & Butter”

  1. at 7 minutes 30 seconds the cartoon sounding character/girl tries to tell us how we are eventually going to run out of resources…. is it all going into space?… evaporates… energy is nor lost or gained on planet earth dumb dumb .. it is merely transferred from one for to another… I wonder if she knows how carbon cycle works… her fat ass turns to oil and we burn it and it falls back on the ground and more dumb cunts are born and more dumb cunts burn and more fossils are compressed and more oil and coal is created in the cycle…. this implies not running out of jack shit … the Canadian government just released proof that the corporate pigs are trying to own the climate narrative so they can keep control of todays resources… this should be guns and butters bread and butter issue.



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