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The Post 9/11 Era
— Michel Chossudovsky

We discuss the broader geopolitical ramifications of the September 11th terrorist attacks, including the attack on Afghanistan, the Global War on Terror, and the Western Military Alliance support for the terrorists; attack on Afghanistan prepared long before 9/11; Osama bin Laden an intelligence asset; Bushes,, business partners with the bin Ladens; earlier history of Afghanistan before the Soviet intervention; Afghanistan becoming a modern nation; US imperialism the destroyer of countries; assassination of the leader of the Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Massoud; the cultivation of opium poppy; Afghanistan a major transport corridor for oil and gas; mineral resources; Islamic fundamentalism a strategy of US intelligence to indoctrinate and recruit jihadists; extension of al Qaeda worldwide; US losing control of Afghanistan and Pakistan to China; pre-emptive nuclear war doctrine.

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Produced, edited and mixed by Bonnie Faulkner, Yarrow Mahko and Tony Rango.

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One Response to “The Post 9/11 Era — on Guns & Butter”

  1. He opens up by saying that CIA and 911 accomplice Goerge Tenet declared that al queda (he was one of the main handlers od Alan queda) was behind 911…. thats great but what about Ehud Barak?…. he was at the BBC of all places wile the buildings were still standing and he boldly stated that we know this is Bin Laden… why did Michel fail to mention this crucial fact?… im going to assume that this interview goes the way of the bush and chenney did it crap ….. look into the SS Liberty Michel…. and Beirut 83… you will find that israel has been setting this king of crap up since they killed JFK.

    ps … there sure are a lot of people eager to blame the immune Bush jr. for this crime rather than go to war with israel…. makes sense if ur a coward.



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