Unofficial Burning Man Event To Move Forward In Black Rock City During Originally Scheduled 2021 Dates 8/29 – 9/06

The Music Essentials – By Melody Siganporia – August 09, 2021

Titled “Renegade Man / Plan B / Free Burn” this unofficial Burning Man event is being spearheaded by an informal group who have taken it upon themselves to get people together for a Burning Man-themed event during the dates the actual event was to be hosted.

The event was officially postponed another year citing Covid-19 concerns by the organizers, but this group seems to have other plans. The unofficial event listed on Eventbright has the spiked interest of 10,000 plus burners.

Calling it “the non-event, event” they also clarify there will be absolutely no infrastructure provided AT ALL, “No portapotties, no ice, no coffee for sale. This is the ultimate camping trip for Radical Self Reliance.”

As reported by Insider, “Without medical teams, emergency officials, or professionally serviced bathrooms, those who choose to attend the rogue gathering will be on their own in the desert.”

With numerous Facebook groups popping up dedicated to the event, comments began coming up discussing assault, theft, etc. “The playa is and should remain, a dangerous place.

Keep your safety and the safety of those around you in mind,” one prospective attendee wrote. “This really is the Vacant Heart of the Wild West, you assume the risk of serious injury or death by attending this event.”

Insider also shared, last year, an estimated 5,000 people flocked to the Black Rock Desert despite Burning Man’s official cancelation — even more, are expected to show up this August.

The Reno Gazette-Journal also reported that these efforts are not going unnoticed by the authorities in the area. In being proactive, Nevada’s Bureau of Land Management preemptively issued warnings to those planning on visiting the playa, as well as items they can and cannot bring for these events planned during Burning Man’s original dates.

“The area is expecting high visitation over the summer months and to keep our public and staff safe we have discussed a variety of restrictions to do this,” said BLM spokeswoman Heather O’Hanlon in an email Wednesday.

They also reported, “Many of the activities during Burning Man — such as riding on top of vehicles and playing with pyrotechnic instruments — are sanctioned only by way of a special recreation permit for the annual event. People are still welcome to visit the Black Rock Desert playa and camp, McKinney said in the email, but the BLM would not be issuing any special recreation permits this year.”

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A ‘Renegade’ Burning Man is Planned, Despite Cancellation, COVID, and Lack of Waste Services

Burning Man is cancelled again this year, probably a wise decision in light of the current Delta-variant surge. But it appears a much larger rogue event is in the works for the week leading up to Labor Day anyway, as Burners who refuse to take no for an answer are planning to schlep their gear out there and party anyway — despite COVID, the lack of any formal medical services, and no porta-potty waste collection services.

The above map from the informal group Black Rock Desert Camps indicates about 350 different camps are planning to attend. A private Facebook group called Black Rock Plan B has nearly 11,000 members, and several posts daily detailing plans, asking for advice, or just posting memes. A smaller, public group called Free Playa Burners of Black Rock Desert NV operates similarly, and their posts can be viewed publicly. Over on Reddit, something called RenegadeBurn has about 1,500 members planning their “Burn,” and the 55,000-member BurningMan Reddit group is seeing frequent posts with Renegade Burn planning, and there are several smaller social media groups with names like Free Burn, Renegade Man, and Rogue Burn.

Read entire article & see map of Black Rock Desert Camps here

PS Will keep you posted only about one thousand on the Black Rock Desert Playa today so far.

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