Dennis Kucinich on “Division of Light & Power”_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Dennis Kucinich on “Division of Light & Power”

In the late 1970s Dennis Kucinich—later to become a legendary congressman and presidential candidate—served two years as mayor of Cleveland, Ohio.  Prior to reading his terrific new book The Division of Light and Power I had heard rumors about his battle with the Cleveland franchise of the Deep State. But I had not realized the extent of Kucinich’s heroism.

“IN THE DIVISION OF LIGHT AND POWER, former Cleveland Mayor Dennis J. Kucinich (1977 – 1979), gives an unprecedented, fully documented  insider’s account of his battle against a shadow city government which engaged in corporate espionage, sabotage, price-fixing, cut-throat competition, anti-trust activities,  organized crime, and wholesale fraud.  That is, until Kucinich, then America’s youngest big-city mayor at age 31, fought back, risking assassination attempts and the destruction of his personal life.”

In fact, Kucinich didn’t just risk assassination attempts—he survived three of them, as well as a fourth, open-ended plot in which he was stalked by a leading professional hit man for months.  All because he stood up to the crooked banksters who own, run, and loot Cleveland, America, and much of the world.

Dennis Kucinich, who served as America’s youngest mayor at the time the events recounted in the book took place, now seeks to return to the Cleveland mayor’s office. If he wins, Kucinich will be America’s oldest mayor…as well as one of its most honest, competent, and courageous office-holders.

  This show was broadcast on June 28, 2021.

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  1. The Federal Reserve is a ill legal Jewish criminal gangster cabal.



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