Ron Unz on “Impact and Origins of COVID-19″_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Ron Unz on “Impact and Origins of COVID-19”

Ron Unz, author of the new “American Pravda: Covid-19 Its Impact and Origins After One Year As We Rapidly Approach a Million American Deaths” offers the best-supported hypothesis about where COVID-19 came from. Though the Establishment doesn’t like the people who downplay or deny the threat of COVID-19, they are still all over social media and get a fair bit of favorable attention in pro-Trump conservative MSM. That same Establishment absolutely loathes and completely blacks out those who, like Ron Unz, point the finger at the most likely culprits. For details on the “Unz Blackout” read Ron’s articles Being Totally “Disappeared” by Google, Ideological Purges and the Lord Voldemort Effect, and What Google and Facebook Are Hiding.

This show was broadcast on March 24, 2021.

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One Response to “Ron Unz on “Impact and Origins of COVID-19″_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Stephen Phillips

    Ron Unz’s analysis and summary of the medical and political issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic was a tour de force. However, his speculation that Washington neocons carried out a biowarfare attack on China was very naive and a disappointing conclusion. The virus does, indeed exhibit evidence of not being natural but manufactured (distinguished virologists – even a French Nobel Prize winner – have made that claim). However, viruses do not respect national boundaries, and it is highly implausible that this virus was deliberately released by American undercover agents during invited war games in order to damage just the Chinese economy! The perpetrators would, surely, have known that the virus would travel worldwide and seriously damage their own economy as well, and they would never have taken this risk merely to stop China becoming the global economic leader. Far more plausible is the scenario that, during the American-financed development of a far more lethal version of the virus at the Wuhan lab, it was accidentally leaked. Alternatively, the release was instigated by a global cabal with no loyalties to any country who were intent on destroying the economies of ALL countries in order to create a new social, political and economic reset of the world.



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