Greg Felton on “SARS-COV2: Contagion, Collusion, Corruption”_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Greg Felton on “SARS-COV2: Contagion, Collusion, Corruption”

Former MSM journalist Greg Felton discussses his new book SARS-COV2: Contagion, Collusion, Corruption. Greg writes: “Evidence that this virus was made in a laboratory is overwhelming and unimpeachable, yet the standard line is still that it came from nature despite the fact that every nature-based argument has collapsed.” He also questions the safety and efficacy of experimental vaccines:

“Now the virus has three proteins, a nucleocapsid protein, an envelope protein and a spike protein. The spike protein is like the grappling hook that throws and latches on to your cells and reels itself in. So what happens is your body is trained to mimic the virus, the virus’s part, not the whole virus, thereby stimulating your immune system. But that’s problematic because if your body looks like the virus, talks like the virus and walks like the virus, well, then maybe your immune system will attack your own body. And these autoimmune diseases are known as autobody dependent enhancement (ADE). And this has been clinically proven to be the case with SARS. And so the people who put together this virus, as I show in my book, did so without ever testing for ADE. So we cannot call them vaccines. We have to call them experimental gene therapy…”

Greg Felton argues that, contrary to dubious debunkings by suspicious characters, the molecular structure of COVID-19 betrays its genetically-engineered origin:

“You talked earlier about the geopolitical aspects of this virus. I deliberately avoided writing about it. Because my whole purpose here was to get something out to the public about the nature of the virus. It is not natural. The arguments in favor of (a natural origin) are are so astronomically implausible as to be virtually worthless. And how do we know that? Well, if you look at my book’s chapters two and three, I look at the the structure of the virus. I look at how the mutations on the SARS backbone could not have come from nature because they violate the standards of randomness, and they are conspicuously different from other coronaviruses of the clade.

“Now, the clade is the family of coronaviruses. There are A B, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta viruses. For example, MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, is a coronavirus, but of a different family. But SARS is the only one that lacks a certain feature. And this feature is found in sars-cov-2, and this feature had to have been inserted manually, it could not have developed naturally. So you have to ask yourself how that is possible? And then you look at the structure of the feature. It’s called a furin cleavage site. Now, I think people should read Chapter Two of my book to find out all the details. You can get it at furin is a gene that’s expressed by everybody. Everybody has furin in their system, furin encodes an enzyme that cuts proteins to activate them. That’s what enzymes do. But the furin cleavage site is a place on a protein where it tells the furin enzyme ‘cut here.’ And this cleavage site is not found on SARS. It’s found on MERS and a few other types of coronaviruses. But to get it into SARS, it had to be manually inserted.”

This show was broadcast on March 8, 2021.

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2 Responses to “Greg Felton on “SARS-COV2: Contagion, Collusion, Corruption”_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. David

    Greg was a scholar and a gentleman as usual. Kevin is unbearable to listen to in this one. But still a great show.

  2. Steve Humphry

    Hi Kevin. This is the 3/4/21 interview with Mark Anderson, not Greg Felton.



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