Richard Falk, UN Special Human Rights Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories

This show was broadcast June 2, 2009.
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Tuesday Hear a Live Interview with Richard Falk — United Nations Special Human Rights Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories
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Live interview with Richard Falk, professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University, author or co-author of 20 books, and United Nations Special Human Rights Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories. In 2004 Richard Falk wrote the rip-roaring introduction to David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor, thereby doing almost as much as Griffin himself to drastically raise the 9/11 truth movement’s respectability quotient. His most recent appearance on my radio show triggered a minor scandal when the neocon The New York Sun, which apparently monitors my radio shows, published “U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons’ Role in 9/11.” Dr. Falk is known for his openness to pursuing truth wherever it may lead, not just in the case of 9/11, but also with regard to Israel’s horrific treatment of the Palestinians. He has said that the recent attack on Gaza “seems a war crime of the greatest magnitude” and has recently been devoting himself to human rights issues relating to Palestine.
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