Climate: The Fatal Fork In The Road _on Ecoshock

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Climate: The Fatal Fork In The Road

stable Earth or hot-house world? We choose now. The fork in the road toward unsurvivable Hothouse Earth, OR a human stabilized planet. My 2018 interview with Professor Will Steffen about where the planet is going. Then we search for tipping points leading the climate to hot-house Earth. Top Swedish scientist Johan Rockstrom explains Planetary Boundaries on Radio Ecoshock.

Speakers: Will Steffen, Johan Rockstrom. Interviews by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock.

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This show was broadcast on December 11, 2020.

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One Response to “Climate: The Fatal Fork In The Road _on Ecoshock”

  1. The U.S. has done enormous damage just from all the illegal occupations, greatly magnified since Desert Storm. The oil fields being set on fire burned for many months as the smoke circulated around the globe. The ramp-up in weapon transfers, the 20 million refugees which set in motion enormous burning of fuel in deliveries , and a wholly complicit NATO, U.N. with ZERO leadership . America is failing as we antagonize and agitate to maintain dominance . The military mind is a male-ego mental illness that feeds and consumes the heart and soul of our society . Not until all weapons are dismantled as a starting point to climate correction , we don’t stand a chance as we already poisoned the planet. Drinking water is contaminated with microplastics such that new systems must be developed to meet the standards that prevent future pollution.
    —All male traits of aggression must be genetically removed in American society , where it presents the greatest danger to the world . We can’t allow this latest presidency to reduce the office to an entry-level job.



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