Predictive Programming? Israeli Publishers Have Been Writing About a COVID-Like Pandemic for Years

Predictive Programming? Israeli Publishers Have Been Writing About a COVID-Like Pandemic for Years

The general public’s willing acceptance of the draconian restrictions placed on mobility and freedom of assembly due to the coronavirus was “predicted” in fictional novels and other artistic creations over the last few decades. Is it a matter of life imitating art or something more sinister?

“….In 2019, a Netflix series called “Explained” aired “The Next Pandemic;” an episode in the documentary-style show that warns us about a looming pandemic featuring none other than Bill Gates as one of the “experts” walking viewers through the deliberately frightening setup, which begins with apocalyptic scenarios of humanity’s end and Gate’s opinion on which scenario is more likely.

Unsurprisingly, the former Microsoft CEO identifies zoonotic diseases as the main threat to the world. An astonishing prediction by a man with no real background in biology or science, whose words have nonetheless been anointed by corporate media as gospel. Almost every point highlighted in the episode mirrors our present reality and the narrative about its source…..”


“….The title of the book is “2020” and it was published in 1994 by an Israeli editorial house called Keter Press, which literally translates to “Crown” or “Corona” Press. An inauspicious start for those who dismiss any speculation into predictive programming as tin-foil hat material, but all this could simply be a coincidence at this point.

The novel was originally written as a film script in 1987 by an Israeli psychiatrist and daughter of one of the Jewish state’s most well-known playwrights. Hamutal Shabtai was only in her early twenties when she ostensibly wrote the story, which predicts the state of the world today as a result of the counter virus measures with uncanny accuracy and foretells of a society ravaged by a virus, which ushers in a “global health dictatorship”

The book was only published in Hebrew and never translated into English, but the 600-page tome details the burgeoning surveillance state that is currently being rolled out under the guise of Covid-19. The author describes a world where society is divided between an at-risk and healthy population, where the former are kept in quarantine……”






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