Harvey Wasserman on Election Fraud Claims and More_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Harvey Wasserman on Election Fraud Claims and More

History professor and election integrity expert Harvey Wasserman (alongside Bob Fitrakis) helped expose the biggest well-documented presidential election theft-by-rigged-voting-machines ever: John Kerry’s unreported landslide 2004 victory over George W. Bush. So what does Harvey make of Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was rigged?

In this interview Harvey Wasserman mentions the websites grassrootsep.org,  rmi.org, and solartopia.org.   He says Michael Moore-produced Planet of the Humans is wrong because “nobody advocates biomass any more” while solar and wind energy, and the battery technology they need, are (contrary to the film’s assertions) fully viable alternatives to fossil fuel and nuclear energy.

Teaching American history since 1973,  Harvey Franklin Wasserman is an American journalist, author, democracy activist, radio host and advocate for renewable energy. He has been a strategist and organizer in election integrity and  anti-nuclear movement in the United States for over 30 years. He has been a featured speaker on Today, Nightline, National Public Radio, CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight and other major media outlets.

This show was broadcast on November 25, 2020.

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3 Responses to “Harvey Wasserman on Election Fraud Claims and More_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. John Doe

    DT was well aware of voter fraud in previous elections..DT is not republican he had to run as a republican in order to effectively win an election..3 way candidates to not create enough votes for an independent to win….So this fellow is happy regarding USA prospects for the future with Joe Biden as president…more mask wearing, lockdowns, vaccinations and aligning himself with the globalist reset agenda…?

  2. John Doe

    has appeared con Lou Dobbs? let him go on Lou Dobbs FOX show…

  3. John Doe

    Hard to believe the conclusions that the guest arrives at….the democratic push for mail in ballots because of CV is an obvious strategy decision…mail in ballots have always been accepted ..if you request them…..the full scale mail out of ballots creates the possibility of election fraud….5-7 states close their polling stations at election days end w/ DT ahead..and then by morning he has lost them all….votes that are greater than registered voters in many counties all over the country….This guy is clearly a Trump hater….and seems to agree with the motto ‘Anybody but Trump.and at any cost’….no signature check on ballots…instantaneous vote swings….dead people voting…out of state voters… Joe Biden barely gets out of his house has rallies with max 100 people….DT has 10’000-30’000 people show up with MSM totally against him….Dominion voting systems closes offices refuses to participate in PA election integrity hearings….thousands of affidavits that allege voter fraud…DT favourable to Israel…Biden is a self proclaimed Zionist….Let the laws suits play out…The GA hand count refused to do signature cross checks….



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