Why are some people immune?-on Exploration

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Virus update. How effective are the vaccines?
Why are some people immune?
Guest: Prof. Seth Lloyd of MIT, speaking of quantum computers.

This show was broadcast on November 24, 2020

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2 Responses to “Why are some people immune?-on Exploration”

  1. Robin

    Come on – what you are advocating is unsafe. The mRNA vaccines are totally experimental. How does anyone know what the impact will be on human DNA? What about the possibility of picking up retroviruses in any tissues they’re grown in, including the eggs? What about adjuvents in them that can make people sick.
    NO – PROTECT OURSELVES NATURALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! VITAMIN C IS FINE AND WE AN TAKE IT TO TOLERANCE. VITAMIN D BLOOD LEVELS ARE CORRELATED WITH THE CHANCE OF GETTING COVID OR NOT. A blood level of 50ng/ml is good and 30 is not good. So those two supplements can go a long way to protect. Plus there are many natural immune boosters.

  2. Robin

    A lot of us don’t think vaccines are safe for what they have in them and e will not be taking any.
    How come people aren’t being told to boost their immune system naturally? I have an immune compromised illness and I have 3 negative tests. I have boosted daily with 10gms of Vit C,5000IU Vitamin D, capsules of turmeric and a mushroom extract – mushrooms are anti-viral. If we all boost with at least Vitamin C and Vitamin D, most of us can make it.



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