Coronavirus–An Inside Job.

Live Video-Streamed Movie + Webinar
Was Live Streamed on Sunday, November 29th


The entire event was archived in case you missed it.


  • Movie: Coronavirus–An Inside Job
  • Panel Discussion with the film maker John Hankey. Joined by Professor Sterling Harwood and Moderator Jeremy Rothe-Kushel.
  • Question and Answer Period—Our internet audience is invited to ask questions.


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These are some of the questions that were addressed.

  • Coronavirus–is it a highly contagious and deadly virus or is it a hoax?
  • Is there an inside job to spread this virus? Is this another 9/11 style attack? If so, who are the likely perpetrators?
  • Is it Trump’s job to superspread the virus?
  • Was Trump vaccinated against this virus in November of 2019? Is that why this germophobe has no fear of crowds at his superspreader rallies and meetings?
  • Did Trump’s recent fever result from a vaccine booster shot he was given before he went to the hospital? Was his claim of Covid infection faked?
  • Is Trump a puppet, a Manchurian Candidate, a patsy, a genuine independent operator, or is he suffering from a psychiatric disorder?
  • Four different companies developed vaccines in just a few weeks, using technologies that had never once been successful before.  Once would have been a miracle. But 4 times?  How did that happen?
  • Why did they invest billions in a vaccine that was never tested on humans and who stands to gain? Follow the money.
  • Was coronavirus discovered in the US & Europe before it was in China? If so, then why does Trump blame China?
  • Did the US military have the virus and the vaccine years ago?
  • Was the spread of the virus designed to shift the remaining 10% of the wealth owned by the 99% to the top 1% wealthy ruling elite who already own 90% of the wealth? Is it an effort by the ruling elite to claw back the hard-won retirements and health care from the beneficiaries?
  • Was the virus being deliberately spread against targeted populations, like the elderly, African Americans, and the Iranians?
  • It is possible that recent outbreaks means it is still being distributed across the planet? With asymptomatic “Typhoid Marys”? Aerosols?
  • How can earth’s population protect themselves even without government help? N95 masks?
  • Could FREE N95 masks, or masks in general, FREE HOME TESTS, and a little epidemiology stop the pandemic in a matter of weeks without economic shutdowns or vaccines? How were some countries able to control this pandemic? Why did Trump stop a machine that could make enough N95 masks for the whole population of earth? Why did Trump stop the US Post Office from sending out masks to every American? Could we petition President Elect Biden to use the National Defense Authorization act to create thousands of these N95 machines so everyone on the planet can have a supply of N95 masks?
  • Did the Trump administration know that N95 masks could stop the pandemic cold in a matter of weeks without lockdowns or economic shutdowns or vaccines? Why did they hide this fact from the American people and the world? Why do they continue to do so?
  • Do we need to start another 9/11 Truth Style movement to expose this conspiracy AND TO EXPOSE THE CONSPIRATORS? How can we begin to dismantle the apparatus that enables the perpetrators? Should we point directly at the perps and say “let tax the elites out of existence; and defund the military and “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”, as Kennedy proposed, several times. Perhaps we should tax the billionaires out of existence. Tax the European and American aristocracy out of existence. All massive fortunes should be taxed out of existence. All inherited wealth over xyz? With the money you could guarantee food, housing, health care, income, and education for all. Make real universal sufferage a reality and fund educational videos like this one.

Our Panelists:

John Hankey, our film maker, taught History and English to the most disadvantaged (and best) students in Los Angeles for 30 years. His first major documentary, JFK II – the Bush Connection was seen by millions, before being remade as Dark Legacy, playing on Netflix for 2 years, and now available on Prime. His documentary, The Assasination of JFK Jr., has also been very well received, also played on Netflix, and is now showing on Amazon Prime, as Dark Legacy II. His documentary Is Trump for Real, also on Prime, exposes Trump as a Steven Bannon product: Bannon hired military psych-warfare contractors, Cambridge Analytica, to concoct the platform that Trump ran on, months before Trump became a candidate, while Bannon was working for Ted Cruz. John’s latest video, Covid-19 Inside-Job (shown in this webinar) exposes the US military bioweapons program as the source of the virus, as well as of the vaccine, using unchallenged mainstream news sources, quoting leaders of the medical establishment. His next docmentary, Dark Legacy III – Breakthrough will thoroughly break open and expose the authors, motives, and means of the JFK assassination.

Prof. Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D. is a Former Professor of Law, Lincoln Law School in San Jose, CA, a former Asst. Professor of Philosophy, San Jose State University, & currently the Most Senior Member of the Philosophy Dept. at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, CA, where he enjoys tenure as an Associate Faculty Member. He earned his J.D. from Cornell Law School in 1983 and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Cornell University in 1992. He practiced law, including criminal defense, for nearly 20 years in CA. He has taught Philosophy ever since his first teaching of Biomedical Ethics at Cornell University in 1982. He now primarily teaches Logic & Critical Thinking. He has published dozens of scholarly essays & 5 books, 2 exploring Criminal Law & True Crime (with M. Gorr), 1 defending Judicial Activism, 1 exploring Business Ethics, & his most recent book from 2020, The Greatest Mystery of The Beatles: Critical Thinking on Paul is Dead & the Skeptical Sixties.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, our Moderator, is an analyst, broadcaster & producer with a background in permaculture design, political organizing, and future-roots music production, performance and education. He co-hosts and produces The AnteDote and the KKFI Kansas City community radio show “Understanding Israel Palestine.

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