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ECOSHOCK — Climate: Misunderstood Impacts

sooner and harder – but maybe there is a way — Three interviews this week, including 2 climate scientists. Andy Pitman: new science on how climate really hits us. Plus Johan Rockstrom, the Swedish leader of planetary boundaries, followed by Lynn Benander on community power in New England.

New climate science shows some parts of the world will heat more than dangerous two degrees as soon as 2030. The Arctic has already heated more than that.

This means we can’t burn as much fossil fuels as we’ve been told. Plus, the changes are not a gradual warming, but unstable weather and deadly heat waves. From Australia, Dr. Andy J. Pitman, co-author of a new study explains.

Dr. Johan Rockstrom from the Stockholm Resilience Center is one of Sweden’s top climate scientists. We talk about his new book “Big World, Small Planet” – and whether new technology can really save us from the pollution of old technology.

Lynn Benander heads up Coop Power in New England. They advise on energy efficiency, arrange solar installations, and just opened a new plant to produce over a million gallons of bio-diesel from waste cooking oil.

This is a classic example of how communities can organize to become their own power companies with alternative energy.

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Speakers: Andy Pitman, Johan Rockstrom, Lynn Benander. All interviews by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock. Occasional music by Alex Smith.

This show was broadcast on July 31, 2020.

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