Tribute to Michael Murphy, Anti-Geoengineering Activist (RIP)_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Tribute to Michael Murphy, Anti-Geoengineering Activist (RIP)

State of the Nation reports: “Sadly, Michael J Murphy,  former President at Truth Media Productions and maker of the ground-breaking documentaries,  ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’ (2010) and ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’ (2012), passed away in his sleep in his home state of Illinois on the 22nd of July.”

As a tribute to Michael Murphy we are rebroadcasting this March 22, 2015 show featuring Daniel Estulin presciently predicting what is happening right now (the collapse of the dollar) followed by Michael Murphy discussing geoengineering and climate legislation. Here is the original description:

First half-hour: Daniel Estulin, author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, discusses China’s perspective on collapsing world markets and SWIFT’s rebellion against the US government – a possibly momentous development that has not been properly covered by either the mainstream or alternative media.

Then: Michael Murphy, maker of the chemtrails classics What in the World Are They Spraying? and Why in the World Are They Spraying?, discusses geoengineering in relation to the 500 climate laws scheduled to go into effect this year – the topic of his upcoming film. His latest article is:
Is Geoengineering being used to deliberately melt the Polar Ice Caps?

Towards the end of the show we’re expecting a call in from James Robertson on “Charlie Hebdo: The Third Man” and maybe something about how the 9/11 airplane shell game was executed.

This show was broadcast on July 30, 2020.

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One Response to “Tribute to Michael Murphy, Anti-Geoengineering Activist (RIP)_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. arthur pullman

    Who Nuke Beirut” “Israel did it” Duff did excellent research connecting the dots. Kevin and Mike show was very informative program too. Putin ‘the Jewish gangster’ is such a hypocrite playing both sides. When push comes to shove….Can not find your interview of Duff?



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