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Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda

Monika Schaefer, a Canadian citizen and former Green Party activist, spent most of 2018 as a prisoner of conscience in Germany after she was prosecuted for apologizing to her mother.  Henry Makow just published her Open Letter to the Jasper Town Council: “I have looked into this, and have come to the conclusion that what we are witnessing is nothing less than the implementation of a New World Order, and it is pure communism. If they succeed, it will be a tyrannical one-world-government police state in which our every move will be monitored, controlled, and dictated. We will be slaves in a dystopia. We will be force vaccinated, and the vaccine will not be good for us.” (Personally I think what they want is pure bankster capitalism, not communism; tune in and make up your own mind!)

Monika recommends “OCLA Recommends Civil Disobedience Against Mandatory Masking.”


This show was broadcast on July 6, 2020.

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5 Responses to “Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. arthur pullman

    Kevin is apologist for the some Jews and extremely naïve. Monika keep making Kevin hypocrite that he is. The real Kevin. Disgusting!!!

  2. maisoon

    I know you have many Jewish friends whom you are close to along with your own part Jewish family roots on your maternal side which you have mentioned before but it is not acceptable that you so quickly come to the defence of ‘Jews’ when someone like Monika or indeed myself speak out and expose the very real Jewish Power, YES Jewish [not Elite] but Jewish power that has disproportionately acquired too much power and control of our world.This the Jews ARE united in and you cannot keep denying this or protecting yourself from being de platformed for exposing this fact.
    It is not just the Banks but also the many Corporation that the House of Rothschild own and control, many under various subsidiaries and different names, giving people the false impression that they are owned by different people but when you dig closely you will more often than not discover a Rothschild on the ‘Board’
    This odious cruel Clan that runs a satanic Cult of Corporatocracies and Banksters should indeed all be arrested en masse for the many Wars, Coups and assassinations their Family have funded and ordered resulting in the Mass Murder of Nations and Crimes against Humanity all bought and paid for from the OBSCENE wealth of this godless immoral family whose wealth far exceeds all the other Jewish Oligarchs, Billionaires,Millionaires put together.
    Jeff Bezos is NOT the richest in the world at all, The Rothshcilds are but they are never rated as number one in order to hide and disguise the obscene wealth gained from ill gotten violent means.

    I KNOW who the REAL ENEMY of Humanity and the world is and I call them out by their real identity and do not hide behind the politically correct defensive ‘Elite’ or ruling psychopaths’ which they are but they are not ‘ELITE’ – why give them such a title- unless of course you acknowledge that they excel in their cruel inhumanity to man due to their financial power and the secrets they have amassed and keep under wraps thus giving them an advantage over the ‘Goyim/Goy who Monika rightly points out are being enslaved by the world’s Jews who in their ‘unholy Talmud are told that each Jew will be granted around 2000 Gentile Slaves once their Anti Christ Moshiach appears and spreads hi EVIL.
    Majority of Jews, contrary to your defence of them, which is misplaced,adhere to their Talmud and believe in enforcing their godless Noahide Laws upon the Gentiles enabling them to seize world power and stealing the wealth and properties/Lands of the Goy which they will believe they have a religious right to lay claim to

    I am NOT afraid of their Anti Semitism RUSE as I am more of a Semite than the 99% of today’s Ashkenazim Jews and even some of the Sephardic ones who have NO SEMITIC GENES in them at all and they are and never were a RACE at all but were of various origins that shared a ‘Judaic’ Faith.
    They are NOT The people of Moses, the Torah or the Hebrews.
    Abraham himself was NEVER a Hebrew/Judaic because the Judaic ‘religion of the Torah never existed in his time but came a few hundred years later when God gave Moses the Torah so all this stuff about ‘Jews and Abrahamic’ is a load of claptrap and myth.Moses may have descended from the family line of Abraham [as did Christ and Mohammed] but Abraham was NOT Jewish but id believe in the One Monotheistic God.

    Unlike you Kevin, I DO lay blame on majority of Jews who tragically and shamefully morally financially politically and religiously support their ‘Cult Tribe’ who today are led by the German Rothschild Clan and their many
    Zionist Communist Marxist Associates around the world especially in the UK, USA, West in general, Russia and China too as well as throughout Asia, Mid East, Canada Australia etc..
    This Tribal Cult are taught from birth that they are the Self ‘Chosen’ annotating themselves with ‘godly’ power and wealth that they want to use to usher in their Jewish New World Order
    They already own our Politicians, Governments, Religious Institutions, and 100% Media that propagates their political propaganda and puts their ilk on this power hungry Pedestal with the rest of the Gentile World bowing at their feet,and kissing their back sides in total subjugation
    It is wrong and disingenuous to DENY their absolute power and control of our world where they have wreaked too much destruction and untold suffering, re writing Man’s History to propagate their importance and deceitfully portraying themselves as the eternal Victims when in reality they have BEEN the AGGRESSORS, the OPPRESSORS, The Mass Murderers, Criminal Mafia responsible for the real Holocaust of Millions of Gentiles who have been brushed aside to make way for their sickening Holohoax Myth that insults the Memory of the Billions of Human Beings who have perished throughout history, never recognised or given financial compensation to- as only the JEW gets that anointed privilege.
    There is NO GREY matter- it is Black or white and you cannot sit in the sidelines just so you can placate the Jews for fear of their nonsensical and inapplicable Anti Semitism label and intimidation that some within their own clique say is a RUSE in order to SILENCE any dissent or justified criticism of them.
    I will NOT be silenced just to save their hurt ‘feelings’- something they NEVER do for THEIR VICTIMS, happy to demmonise Islam, Muslims and Christians.

    I will never come to their defence or being an apologist for what the Majority of Their Ilk have inflicted upon us
    Their INBRED RACISM and supremacism has no bounds and has been allowed to continue with shameful impunity while they force their ‘Guilt complex’and reverse Racism on Gentiles
    You would do well to heed Joe Rizoli with whom I concur along with the ‘Free Spirit’ post too
    They have alot to answer for and not enough from their own to stand up and be genuinely counted- too many who do sadly have their defence mechanism in place, [Finklestein, Peled, Makow and even Atzmon] only going ‘so far’ but for me not far enough!


    Plese excuse my typos.I was in a hurry when I typed my message to Joe Rizoli


    HI Joe:

    the reason no one knows is because no one tells the PROPER NAMES.

    I have been in this Fight since the late 1960’s ( I’m 80 years young)I discovered in 1974 that the House of Rothschild, led by Jacob, today, own the complete Banking system making them worth MORE than ALL Oligarchs put together.tht ismu;ti TRILLIONS of Dollars.combine that knowledge with the KNOWLEDGE about the Rothschild family history and their GOAL and you will understand WHO OWNS us and what they intend to do to and with us.

    Aftere researching the House of Rothschild, IF you can find anything anymore,thanks to GOOGLE, Guess then WHO is responsible for what is hanninng today – Jacob of the House of Rothschild.

    I first stated in 2009 that if we do not,at the very least, arrest the complete family and put them on TRIAL for “Crimes Against Humanity” we would end in Slavery And Genocide

    REPEAT that name now- “House of Rothschild”

    The BEST SOURCES of information are from JEWS and FORMER JEWS.Start with these: Benjamin Friedman, Brother Nathanael, Henry Makow

    Take care now.

  5. It gets bothersome to continue to hear the world being g controlled by the “ELITES” but nobody knows who these Elites are..

    Monica like the rest of us know that those ELITES Are JEWISH POWER…
    America itself has been completely taken over by these ELITES through groups like AIPAC which controls ALL of Congress and every other politician, for facts read “They Dare to Speak Out” by Paul Findlay.

    Those Elites are JEWS including a group no one has heard of, “The Conference of Presidents” which runs basically all Jewish organizations in America.

    ANYWAY Monica gets it, Kevin Barrett even though persecuted by these same people is a bit slow on the uptake…
    As to the holocaust I would be very curious as to what and where Kevin is getting his information to disagree with Monica, on that issue just curious…



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