Drive-in movie theaters reopen in San Jose, Concord, Sacramento, California

The Mercury News – By Jim Harrington – May 07, 2020

Folks can finally go to the movies again in California.

But we’re not talking about going to the regular multiplexes or even your classic stand-alone theaters. We’re talking about the drive-in movie theaters, which provide a more isolated movie-going experience — as people watch from their cars, as opposed to sitting next to other attendees — and thus can be better suited for proper social distancing practices during the coronavirus pandemic.

West Wind Drive-In Theaters has opened all three of its locations in California — in San Jose, Concord and Sacramento — plus one in Glendale, Arizona.

Its two locations in Nevada — in Reno and Las Vegas — remain closed.

“We are open but with STRICT rules!!” a post from May 5 on the company’s Facebook page reads. “If you’re sick STAY HOME!”

Here are the five rules, which are listed on the company’s website

1) People must stay in their cars at all times except to visit the restroom.

2) You must wear a face covering when leaving your car for any reason.

3) You may not park your vehicle within 10 feet of another vehicle.

4) Limited number of people in the restroom at a time except adult with child.

5) Customers who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave.

The lineup of films might seem a bit dated to some, given that most of the offerings have been out — in one form or another — few weeks. And you might have already rented/streamed a few of these, like “Trolls World Tour.”

That’s to be expected, given that studios aren’t really releasing new films right now, especially the kind of popcorn summer films drive-ins are known for. Still, it’s the movies! So, who cares if director Leigh Whannell’s excellent “The Invisible Man” was released at the end of February? It’s a chance to actually leave the house! Just pop some corn, load the family up in the minivan and go have a good time. Just remember to follow all the rules and be safe.

Plus, the admission prices are quite wallet-friendly. Tickets run $8.25 for general admission and $1.75 for ages 5-11. Kids under 5 are admitted free. On “Family Fun Night” on Tuesdays, general admission tickets drop in price to $5.50. (Prices might vary by location.)

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