FIGHT BACK With Legal and Citizen Actions YOU Can Take Against Covid Tyranny!

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This show airs on Memorial Day, we can honor our Constitution and honor those who’ve died for it, who’ve died fighting for freedom by taking our country back! This show has ANSWERS! Listen to the show and check out the links, these are legal actions and citizen actions that have teeth! God bless you and God bless America! Let’s take it back!



Photo by Pamela Senzee & David Meiswinkle – a Truth Walk Image


Citizen Action Alert! Don’t Tread on Me: Sheriff Richard Mack – Sgt. Report

Mother of All Bombs – Truth Seeker – Lawful America

Legal Action Alert! Cease and Desist Letter SSBAmerica – Can Be Served in ALL States

Legal Action Alert! Lawful America – Letter Template

AG Barr Says Justice Department May Support Lawsuits If States Go Too Far with Covid 19 Restraints

Sheriff Telling it Like it is About Constitution for America

Fight Back! Oath Keepers News – Internment Camps ARE Being Set Up in WA State!

Outreach Alert! Inform Your Local Sheriffs! Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Action Alerts! Business Owners Check This Out! Coordinated Citizen (.com)

Reach Out to Sheriffs Across the Country!

Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted by cross country trekker for truth and author Pamela Senzee
QMR music is used with permission by Captain Squeegee

This show was broadcast on May 28, 2020.

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