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The military is set to distribute prefilled vaccine syringes by October of this year or when the Covid vaccine ‘is ready’ (my guess is they had a vaccine ‘ready’ long ago). They are launching with 30,000,000 vaccine filled syringes and contracted to fill 500,000,00 by next year. That’s a lot more than the national population so…that sounds to me like mandatory vaccines. People need to form an I Do Not Consent Movement! These syringes also have an RFID tracking device on the syringe, it is a tracking device, not injected so far as I can tell but one that records all the information of every vaccine given, so they can track who has and who has not.

Also in this show we have Dr. Kaufman on Spiro Skouros show describing how he believes they want to change our DNA with these vaccines and why he believes that. As suspected this interview has been taken down by YT so I have the full interview (audio only) posted here on Quantum Matrix Radio. I have also posted a link of the video which someone on YT has managed to re-post, for as long as that stays up on YT which is severely censoring physicians and whistle blowers about Covid.

Bless you all, stay strong, keep the faith

Beast System Advancing at Warp Speed Amid New Great Depression -This is Huge! – A Minute to Midnight YT Video

Immediate Release  DOD Awards $138 Million Contract, Enabling Prefilled Syringes for Future COVID-19 Vaccine  May 12, 2020

ApiJect Awarded
HHS-DOD Title 3, Defense Production Act (DPA) Contract of $138 Million in
Support of a Joint Federal Agency Accelerated Build-out of Domestic Surge
Capacity for a High-Speed, Population-Scale Emergency Drug Injection Solution

Rapid Consortium

Global Preparedness Monitoring Board

Project Gattaca – It’s All About Your DNA! – Shaking My Head Productions

Tracked ‘Til Death – ID2020 – “Digital Vaxines” – The Digital Currency Beast System Is Upon Us! – Shaking My Head Productions

Re-Post of Spiro Skouros interview of Dr. Andrew Kaufman on YT (original was censored by YT)

Quantum Matrix Radio Re-Post of Spiro Skouros Interview of Dr. Andrew Kaufman – VERY IMPORTANT INTERVIEW!

Opting Out of Vaccines – Read What Dr. Rima Says!

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This show was broadcast on May 18, 2020.

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