Coronavirus, Spirituality, & Politics: Shia/Sufi/Muslim Perspectives Pt. 1: Andrew Israel & Charles Upton_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Coronavirus, Spirituality, & Politics: Shia/Sufi/Muslim Perspectives Pt. 1: Andrew Israel & Charles Upton

First half hour: Andrew Israel (Muhammad Al Mahdi) reverted to Shia Islam from Judaism last Ramadan. As the Anglo-Zionist war on the “Shia crescent” (a.k.a. the Axis of Resistance) intensifies, even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, this might be a good time to check in with him…

Next half hour: Charles Upton discusses his new article “A Sufi Response to the Coronavirus.” A poet, author, and activist who has published numerous books on Sufism, metaphysics, and other topics, he is currently a leading proponent of the Covenants Initiative.

 This show was broadcast on April 6, 2020.

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2 Responses to “Coronavirus, Spirituality, & Politics: Shia/Sufi/Muslim Perspectives Pt. 1: Andrew Israel & Charles Upton_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. David

    I agree with maisoon
    The shia muslim you chose for the interview is someone who converted one year ago from judaism? I know very little about Islam but what do you expect listeners to think?

  2. maisoon

    Here we go again MORE ANTI Sunni Bull from your Jewish SHIA guest. I don’t need an ‘Ex’ Jew to lecture people on Sunni Muslims.

    Sunnis don’t need a revert like him to attack Sunni Islam.

    he KNOWS nothing about the Sunnis at all who make up the majority of Muslims in the Ummah.
    Iraq only became majority Shia WHEN Iranian Shia immigrants came and settled in Iraq which had previously had a Majority percentage
    How dare you talk about the lack of resistance from Sunnis?? Palestinians are majority Sunni and have been resisting their Jewish Occupiers and Colonialists for over a 100 Years.
    Majority of Syrians fighting bravely and dying for their country, their People, are SUNNIS. Many Yemenis too are also Sunni fighting the war inflicted upon them by the Judeo Wahabi Saudis.
    Stop judging Sunni Muslims with these phony Muslims from the Saud/wahabi, Al Sabah, Al Thani, Al Khalifa Tribe who are not Sunnis let alone Muslims.Or how about the PHONY Muslims ruling Jordan and Egypt- both Jewish

    There are many many honourable and righteous SUNNI Muslims within the Islamic world but they are denied a voice or incarcerated by the Jewish Saudis and Zionist Arabs working for Israel. YOU just dont bother to talk to them but prefer bringing on your damn Jews instead.
    I had to stop listening to this talk as am sick of all the ANTI Sunni garbage that is NOT actually based on facts on the ground.
    I blame Shias for the destruction of Iraq as they willingly collaborated with America/Israel/UK/NATO just to get rid of one man!! Sacrifice an entire country and have had holocausted to get rid of Saddam- THAT made IRAN happy too. But of course your Shia guests wont talk about that- right??
    He attacks Sunnis for praying 5 times a day which he appears to state Shias dont do= well our 5 time prayer and Ramadan/Fasting are among the tenants of Islam. NAIROUZ which is a PAGAN and ZOROASTRIAN Rite has nothing to do with ISLAM and yet majority of Iranian Shias follow it far more than they do Islam itself!!
    Iranian Shia Islam is a hotch potch of Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian Bhai belief systems with some Islam thrown in for good measure!! So look at your own Shia mirror before you dare attack true Sunni Islam



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